I am so excited to share my upcoming 13 Week Course:  My Empowered Me.  Click the link if you are interested in learning more about releasing what no longer serves you and stepping into your full power.  


I am Paula Collins, trusted Priestess, Spiritual Mentor, and Intuitive Sound Healer.  

Are you READY to put yourself FIRST, 

Are you READY to take the steps necessary to release, reframe, and redefine what YOU truly want YOUR life to look like and live YOUR best life.


Allow me to guide YOU to confidently explore YOUR true authentic self and divine feminine energy without guilt or shame so YOUR sense of self-esteem, worth, and love fills YOU with peace, validation, & empowerment.


Wanna get involved in a beautiful journey? 

Here's how I help my clients!

1:1 Transformational Coaching

Everyone is different, so when I work with you I attempt to find the best modality to help you embrace healing and transformation.  


4 Sessions:  $400

9 Sessions:  $850.  Best Value!


1:1 Spirituality Coaching

Are you on a journey to understand the deepest yearning of your heart and soul?  Do you feel a calling as if there is something more to this life?  Are you intrigued or have questions about spirituality and what it could mean for your life? 

4 Sessions:  $400

9 Sessions:  $850. Best Value


Sound Baths

Have you ever experienced deep meditation using sound?  If not, would you like to?  Sound frequency has been shown to help individuals find more calm and peace in their lives.  It is a beautiful way to meditate, release what no longer serves you, and call in healing. 


1:1 Sessions:  $75

Group Sessions:  $30/person.  Minimum of 4 People



Our bodies were meant to heal themselves, but so much prevents that from happening because of the what we eat, how much we eat, pollution, stress, anxiety, etc.  This healing modality allows the client to be open to healing in body, mind, and spirit.  Interested?


Cost:  $60 

4 Sessions:  $225

9 Sessions:  $480


IET (Integrative Energy Therapy

IET or Integrative Energy Therapy is a technique that allows deep healing at a DNA molecular level.  It is wonderful for releasing generational and past life trauma?  Sound like you want to know more?


Cost: $60

4 Sessions:  $225

9 Sessions $480


Integrative Sound Readings, Healings, & Activations

Integrative Sound Readings, Healings, and Activations allows me to use sound, frequency, and intuition to access spirit guides and angels about possible negative blocks and conditioned ideas that prevent a client from moving forward on their spiritual journey that might be found in the chakras and energetic body.  It also highlights any energetic cords or ancestral trauma which may be present.  



30 Minutes:  $55

60 Minutes $111



I offer many other types of services that fall under the category of ceremony:  Cacao, Ho'oponopono and Cord Cutting, Home Blessings, and Ministerial.  Some of these can be added on as an addition to my other services or we can discuss packages that will fit your needs.  Contact me for more info!



Want to book a coffee chat with me to find out more information to see if we are a great fit?

Here is what my client's are saying...........

"Paula is a great intuitive energy life coach.  She has so much experience in different healing modalities that I feel helps her come up with the best support while coaching.  She is easy to talk to and personable.  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing this type of Coach."  

Shona Leah Wells

First off I want to thank Paula from the deepest part of my heart. I have found so much of myself since connecting with you~ I have started to find my strength and begin the journey to self love, healing, forgiveness and learning to give myself grace. Before meeting you I have never even heard of some of these words. Without stumbling upon you I don’t know where I would be right now… so thank you. You are truly an Angel. 

Sandy from Strongsville

Paula is amazing! After just one session she helped me identify the barrier that had held me back for many years.  She was patient with me as we went through a few techniques to enable me to move forward.  She has a gift and I  was pleasantly surprised to receive more than I thought - love her!

Laura Hires

What sets apart is her warm and nurturing approach. She creates a safe and supportive space where everyone felt comfortable sharing their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. Her genuine care for each of person is evident in her attentiveness, patience, and willingness to provide personalized guidance throughout her coaching.

Vickie (Hudson)

Paula is a natural calming and authentic coach and healer. In the many sessions I have had with her she has been able to help me get to the root of my struggles by gently tapping into my subconscious. After my sessions I feel more at ease and have a better understanding of what I need to release energetically and emotionally to feel healthier and happier. If you chose to work with Paula you will learn a lot about yourself while healing deep wounds and coming back into your own by really loving and accepting yourself.

Jessie Weary

Clinical Therapist and Life Coach

Paula’s work is unparalleled in her gift for channeling and sound.  I was fortunate enough to receive both a reading  from her as well as a sound healing and channeling and both truly shifted deep layers of energy.  The accuracy of her card reading in dialing in to specific energies and questions was extremely helpful in tapping into the most authentic energy and action for a particular  situation, and then her work with divine feminine masters and sound healing opened my heart in deeply profound ways.  The effects continue to resonate after working with her, and it feels like a gift that keeps giving.  Thank you Paula!

Margot Planets

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